Chinese Yunyu Textbook (Singapore School Based Material)

This product is an online cartoon version of Singapore Poi Ching School Based Material. It adopted the “Yunyushizi” approach, the comprehensive technology platform of the iFlashBook to extend the functionality and the presentation of the original textbook’s content.

The textbook provides many learning tools such as “Cartoon Animation”, “Phonetic Listening and Reading”, “Dictation”, “Chinese Character Stroke Order”, “New Word Learning”, “Dictionary” and “Word Games”. It includes specially designed “Animated Stories” to understand the texts and to memorize the rhyme texts using “Self Recital”. All these tools make learning more interesting and encourage student to learn the language quickly in a scientific and efficient way.

Targeted Users: Primary school and Secondary school students in Singapore and Southeast Asia

Works on: HansVision 知慧本, HansVision or WaWaYaYa Play & Learn Tablets, Windows PC (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)

Levels available: Primary 1 to 2 (2 volumes per level)
                             Primary 3 & above (1 volume)

Price: SG$21/level (1 year subscription for Primary 1 or Primary 2)
           SG$10.50/level (1 year subscription for Primary 3 & above)

ornamentalListen, Read and Reciteornamental

This series of specially design online textbooks includes a variety of tools such as “Listen”, “Read” and “Self Recital” that promote deep understanding of the article. Student can use the “Recite” function to test the understanding of the learned text.

ornamentalPinyin, Writing and Dictation can enhance your Chinese graduallyornamental

This series of textbooks uses the “Pinyin, “Writing” and “Dictation” functionality provided in the iflashbook platform to provide the standard pronunciations of Pinyin, the image of the written Chinese characters and the scoring for dictation. These functions provide clarity in your learning target and also highlight the key points for Chinese character learning.

ornamentalThe cartoon stories help the users understand Chinese Yunyuornamental

This series of online textbooks is based on the original “Yunyu” content. It uses lively cartoon animation and speech to make learning interesting and to accelerate the understanding of the characters, sentences and paragraph.

ornamentalWord games enable you to learn, play and test anytimeornamental

In addition to the tools provided to learn Chinese through reading, writing and dictation, this online textbook also provide an interesting “Word Games” function that helps student to learn while having fun playing interactive games.