Chee Sze Poh Question Bank

Chee Sze Poh Press, established in Singapore since 1965, committed toChinese Language education in Singapore for the past 4 decades. Publications<Zhi Shi Bao 知识报>, <Zhi Shi Hua Bao 知识画报> and <Hao Peng You 好朋友> are the most popular supplementary material.

Chee Sze Poh Question Bank is a compilation of unique questions published by Chee Sze Poh Press over the years and is organized according the Singapore MOE's latest syllabus. It consists of Chinese and Higher Chinese question sets, and covers all 6 primary school levels. Each level contains 1 Topical Tests per lesson and 5 Final Year Exam Revision. The lesson tests are structured according to Singapore Primary Chinese textbooks' organization. In addition to this, a large pool of questions is also accessible via Custom Tests module for students to generate test papers according to their learning needs. Various e-learning functions such as automatic marking, grading and timely analysis are combined to help students do well in Singapore primary schools' exams for the Chinese language subject.

Targeted Users: Primary school students in Singapore

Works on: Windows PC, HansVision 知慧本 tablet

Levels available: Chinese question sets – Primary 1 to 6 (4 volumes per level)
Higher Chinese question sets – Primary 1 to 6 (4 volumes per level)

Price: SG$31.50/level (1 year subscription)

ornamentalProduct Usage Instructionsornamental

To practice on Windows PC, please download the following client. After a purchase is made successfully, log in with your account to start practicing. Click here for the Guide to ForClass.

Download ForClass Client (beta ver)

For use on Play & Learn Tablets, simply log into the ForClass application with your account and click on "Exercises" to start.

ornamentalTopical Testsornamental

The key to mastering a language is through frequent and consistent study and practice. Topical tests provide the children with practice according to the topics in the syllabus. By applying what they have learnt after each lesson, constant feedback on their progress can be provided.

ornamentalFinal Year Revisionornamental

The Final Year Revision papers cover all of the topics in the current primary level syllabus. They are specially designed for measuring the children’s mastery and understanding of the language; perfect for revisions before exams.

ornamentalSmart Testsornamental

The customization and reorganization of test questions allow users to focus on the weaker areas; ensuring a more effective and efficient learning experience.

ornamentalTimely Analysisornamental

Assessment and immediate feedbacks are critical in a learning process. By understanding the children’s weakness and focus on correcting them through practicing, improvements can be made effortlessly.

Report of the results will be presented in a clear, graphical format.

Understand the child’s mastery of each topic and focus on improving on the weaker areas.