Animated Words for Chinese Curriculum (Primary Higher Chinese)

Animated Words for Chinese Curriculum (Primary Higher Chinese) is written in accordance to the Primary School Higher Chinese Languague’s sllyabus. The 6 volumes series also incorporates Mr Gu Jian Ping – the famous scholar and calligrapher’s work, which is written after years of study and incoporation of his own creative calligraphy.

This series comprises of all words from “Higher Chinese Language for Primary Schools” which students need to recognize and learn to write. The animated illustrations of words will keep children interested in learning Chinese. It also provides assistant to the parents and guidance to the children.

Built on the iFlashBook platform, Animated Words for Chinese Curriculum (Primary Higher Chinese) include interactive learning features such as the pictorial depiction of development of characters and character stroke order, bilingual translations and more. These features improve the effectiveness and efficiency in learning as the children gain more understanding about Chinese characters.

Targeted Users:Primary school students in Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe and America

System requirement:Windows PC

Levels available:Primary 1 to 6 (1 volume per level)

Price:SG$21/level (1 year subscription)

ornamentalFollows current Chinese Language syllabusornamental

Based on the “Chinese Language for Primary Schools” textbooks, it has a clear learning objective of mastering all words from the current Chinese syllabus.

ornamentalIntelligent searchornamental

Search for individual character conveniently by inputting its Hanyu Pinyin or Chinese character.

ornamentalPictorial depiction of the development of charactersornamental

The vivid animation shows the evolution of Chinese characters. Through the animations, children will understand the meaning, the structures and the origin of Chinese characters.

ornamentalPictorial depiction of Character Stroke Orderornamental

This series includes animations that depict the correct way to write a Chinese character. Just click on the Chinese characters to watch the writing rules.

ornamentalListen to and read the contents synchronouslyornamental

Children can listen and read the contents of the original books synchronously. The book will not only reduce the difficulties for them to read the text but also will help correct their pronunciation and intonation to provide an effective learning.

ornamentalIntelligent and easy retrieval of explanation for each characterornamental

There is no need to look up new words in the dictionary manually while reading. Click on the Chinese characters to view the explanation instantly.

ornamentalBilingual translationsornamental

The entire content is built on the iFlashBook platform which can provide the Sino-British translation for the entire text. The translation function eradicates learning obstacles for children in learning Chinese.