Encyclopedia of Written Chinese

“Encyclopedia of Written Chinese” is written by the famous scholar and calligrapher, Mr Gu Jian Ping. Mr Gu wrote it after years of study and incorporated his own creative calligraphy. The Encyclopedia is based on the traditional Chinese classics and absorbs the main elements of culture of the modern society. He studied and deconstructed the Chinese characters in the view of modern times, and opens the way for Chinese characters to advance with the times.

Based on the iflashbook platform, the online interactive version of “Encyclopedia of Written Chinese” retains over 3500 common Chinese characters of the original book. It fulfills different learning needs through various efficient and sophisticated functionalities such as tracing the evolution of each character through visual animation accompanied by audio explanation, definition and explanation of each character, animated demonstration of the proper sequence of the stroke of the character and corresponding English and Chinese translations - akin to conjuring up the most ideal Chinese teacher depending on the needs of the moment, and is especially suitable for the self-taught or elementary learner of the Chinese language and as a teaching tool.

Targeted Users: Overseas Chinese(Children and adults), foreigners and Chinese teachers for foreigners

Works on: Windows PC only (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)

Price: SG$42/1 year (1 year subscription)
SG$63/3 years(3 years subscription)

ornamentalPictorial depiction of the development of charactersornamental

The vivid animation shows the evolution of Chinese characters. This animation make the learners understand the meaning, the structures and the origin of Chinese characters.

ornamentalPictorial depiction of Character Stroke Orderornamental

The Encyclopedia includes many commonly used Chinese characters with animation that depict the correct way to write a Chinese character. Just touch the Chinese characters gently and you can watch the writing rules.

ornamentalListen to and read the contents synchronouslyornamental

You can listen to and read the contents of the original books synchronously. The Encyclopedia reduces the difficulties of the users to read the text, and it will help to correct their pronunciation and intonation to provide an effective learning.

ornamentalIntelligent and easy retrieval of explanation for each characterornamental

You do not need to look up new words in the dictionary manually while reading the Encyclopedia. Just gently touch the Chinese characters and you can view the explanation instantly. You can also use the search function to retrieve the desired character.

ornamentalBilingual Encyclopedia and Sino - British translationornamental

The entire contents of the Encyclopedia are based on the iflashbook platform which can provide the Sino-British translation for the entire text. The translation function eradicates learning obstacles for users trying to learn Chinese.