Happy Reader’s Pictorial Series (Bilingual with Hanyu Pinyin)

Based on Happy Reader’s Pictorial Series (48 volumes) published by Pan Asia Publishing Pte Ltd., these books are especially suitable for children over 5 years old. Published using the iFlashBook language learning platform, Happy Reader’s Pictorial Series (Bilingual with Hanyu Pinyin) uses an education technology that are developed by a passionate and elite team.

Happy Reader’s Pictorial Series (Bilingual with Hanyu Pinyin) combines excellent content with cutting-edge educational ideology to achieve the perfect fusion of good stories and high-tech. This series not only includes lifelike animations, vivid sound and all-round tutoring in listening, speaking, reading and writing, it also provides opportunities for children to learn independently and develop their potential abilities. Moreover, the function of re-arranging the story plots to create personalized stories helps to develop children’s habits of independent thinking; This also greatly raises their reading interests and stimulates their enthusiasm for Chinese language learning.

Targeted Users: Children over 5 years old in Singapore, Southeast Asia, Europe and America

Works on: HansVision 知慧本, HansVision or WaWaYaYa Play & Learn Tablets, Windows PC (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)

Price: Issue 1 to 8 ( 2 volumes for each issue ): SG$10.50/1 issue (1 year subscription)

ornamentalLively and interesting bilingual animationsornamental

The whole story in the book is filled with animations that play in both Chinese and English. Students can learn Chinese or English through the interesting animations according to their needs. It's truly the way of learning through fun and entertainment.

ornamentalPractical and intelligent sound recognition systemornamental

Users can listen to the story sentence by sentence, or paragraph by paragraph. They can also practice reading using read-long functions that are accompanied by professional recordings. The sound recognition system helps and encourages students to speak aloud confidently.

ornamentalFun story-retelling inspires speakingornamental

Users can dub the animations using their way of retelling the story by referring to the text tips. This can effectively improve their ability in bilingual communication.

ornamentalMaking up one's own new story inspires independent expressionornamental

Users can re-arrange the plots of the stories to make up their own stories, using divergent thinking and free imaginations.