Shuang Shuang Chinese Language and Culture Course(For Overseas Chinese)

Shuang Shuang Chinese Language and Culture Course is published by Peking University Press. This series is targeted at overseas Chinese or students with some foundation in the Chinese Language.

Produced by Wang Shuang Shuang, the founder of Shuang Shuang Chinese School in California, United States, together with Chinese scholars, these materials are developed based on years of overseas teaching experience. A series of 20 volumes aims to build a literacy of 2500 Chinese characters. These textbooks have been widely welcomed in the international schools in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America with sales totaling more than 160,000 copies. In the United States alone, these books are distributed in nine school districts.

These lessons are built on top of the iFlashBook language platform, making the textbook materials come alive with animations and read-along recordings. Also included are learning aids like animated Chinese Character strokes and integrated contextual dictionaries with phonetics lessons. Learning the Chinese Language is now fun and easy.

Targeted Users: Overseas Chinese students in primary schools and junior high schools

Works on: HansVision 知慧本, HansVision Play & Learn Tablets, Windows PC (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)

Levels available: Volume 1-20

Price: SG$10.50/volume (1 year subscription)

ornamentalAuthoritative learning materialsornamental

This series is designed specifically for overseas students with basic Chinese Language background. These learning materials are produced by Wang Shuang Shuang, the founder of Shuang Shuang Chinese School in California, United States, together with Chinese experts and scholars from overseas who have many years of experience teaching the Chinese Language.

ornamentalSpecially selected and practicalornamental

A total of 20 volumes introduce 2500 Chinese characters with literacy guides to recognize characters, learn their phonetics and construct sentences. From short passages to the full glory of Chinese cultures, these materials introduce Chinese culture, Chinese geography, history, philosophy and other rich content in easy-to-learn forms.

ornamentalIntegrated with valuable learning resourcesornamental

Included in this series are large numbers of learning resources like concise dictionaries, English translations, phonetics and dictation exercises. These combine to provide an unparalleled online resource for learning Chinese.

ornamentalInteresting learning approachornamental

Professional and accurate audio recordings, lively and interesting animations, fun word games – all these combined make Chinese learning effective and efficient.