Chinese Language for Primary Schools (Malaysia Edition)

Chinese Language for Primary Schools(Malaysia Version) is compiled based on the curriculum concepts used in the “Chinese Language Curriculum for Primary Schools” issued by the Ministry of Education Malaysia in 2011. This compilation focuses on practical humanity that corresponds closely with the development of pupils’ mind and ability related to the pupils’ life. It is very suitable for Chinese learning and reading.

The textbook provides many learning tools such as “Cartoon Animation”, “Phonetic Listening and Reading”, “Dictation”, “Chinese Character Stroke Order”, “New Word Learning”, “Dictionary” and “Word Games”. It includes specially designed “Animated Stories” to understand the texts and to memorize the rhyme texts using “Self Recital”. All these functions make learning Chinese more interesting, fun and encourage student to learn the language quickly and effectively.

Targeted Users: Primary school students in Malaysia, Singapore and Southeast Asia

Works on: HansVision 知慧本, HansVision or WaWaYaYa Play & Learn Tablets, Windows PC (Microsoft® Windows® & IE explorer)

Levels available: Primary 1 to 2 (1 volumes per level)

Price: SG$21/level (1 year subscription)

ornamental“Read after me” to resolve reading difficultiesornamental

The textbooks have the self-learning functions that encourage users to read aloud with the help of the accurate reading capability of the iFlashBook platform.

ornamentalThe animated cartoons help the users understand the textsornamental

Based on the iflashbook platform, this textbook series improve on the presentation synchronizing the reading of the text with the cartoon animation. This make the original contents to come alive and the users can understand them more intuitively.

ornamentalDictation provides self-tests anytimeornamental

After learning new words from the textbook, you can use the “Words Dictation” function provided in the iflashbook platform to test if you have remember the learn Chinese character.

ornamentalAnimated Cartoon playback in sync with poem recitalornamental

The book includes many classic poems. For the online learning of poetry, the iflashbook platform provides the function to recite the poem with cartoon animation that makes poetry learning interesting and fun.