Change of Site Currency: FAQ

ornamental Q1: When did the conversion take place? ornamental

A1: The conversion to Singapore Dollars took place on 26th April 2013.

ornamental Q2: Why was there a change of site currency? ornamental

A2: In response to our customers’ valuable feedbacks, we have taken the initiative to change the site currency to SG Dollars.
      We hope that the standard change in currency will bring you a more convenient purchase process, avoiding any confusion.
      We are always committed to provide you with a better user experience.

ornamental Q3: Why is there an increase in my SG$ balance? ornamental

A3: The increase in user’s SG$ balance is due to an adjustment upwards to multiple of SG$10.50 per our pricing structure.

      Click here to check your latest balance

ornamental Q4: What happened to the existing US$ in user account? ornamental

A4: The existing US Dollars in the user account has been converted to SG Dollars, to be in-line with the site currency change to SG Dollars,
      at the preferential rate of US$1.00 to SG$1.30.
      e.g. US$1.00 = SG$1.30

      Click here to check your latest balance

ornamental Q5: How do I make use of the remaining balance of SG Dollars? ornamental

A5: After selecting the iFlashBook that you would like to purchase, the system will provide you the following information: the cost of the
      product, the balance in your account and the remaining balance required. You can now choose to pay the outstanding balance through a
      Top Up via PayPal.
      e.g. Cost of iFlashBook: SG$21.00
              Current balance in account: SG$5.00
              Remaining balance required: SG$16.00
      The remaining balance of SG$16.00 can be Topped Up via PayPal.

For further assistance, contact us at 6465 5285 or email to us at