The Client Installation Package of My Books

If you cannot open books in "My Bookshelf", please check the following items:

  • IE doesn't prompt the message below
    1. 1. Please check the security settings in IE, make sure you have the Active-X controls enabled.
    2. 2. Please check if you have any security software (Macfee, Kaspersky, etc.) installed in your machine, temporarily disable or close the software.
    3. 3. If there is no issue with the above two checks, proceed to click the "Download Now" button to download the client installation package.
  • Unable to access web page

    Some problems encountered using the browser which may be due to network restrictions. Please use the client version instead. Please click the "Download Now" button to download the client installation package.

About Download

Please download the client installation package and install it. A "My Books Quicklaunch" shortcut will be created on the desktop. Double click on this shortcut to start the application.

Download Information

Guide to installation and usage of iFlashBook

Internet connection is required to access the iFlashBook content.

For any technical enquiries, please contact us at (65) 6465 5285.


Follow the following steps to install iFlashBook.

1. After downloading the software,run the "exFree Setuo.exe" located at either your download folder or desktop.

exFree Setuo.exe

2. Click on “Run” to begin installing.

3. A welcome wizard will pop up. Click “Next”.

4. Click “Next”.

5. Click on “Browse” to select an alternative folder to install exFree My Books and click “Next”.

6. Confirm the settings and click “Next”.

7. The installation process will be shown.

8. Installation is completed. Click on “Finish”.

Launch application

A shortcut of the iFlashBook software – “My Books Quicklaunch” will be created after installation. Double click on the shortcut and log in with your username and password.

The book which you have selected during the registration would be available on your bookshelf upon logging in. Click on the textbook to start.

Functions of iFlashBook

Adding on to the original bookform, the digital textbooks embody powerful rich media functions that works on PC and tablets*.

* WaWaYaYa Play & Learn Tablet and HansVision Play & Learn Tablet.

Interactive Dictionaries are currently available on Windows PC only.

Listen, Read*& Self Recital*

Each character is enunciated clearly with Hanyu Pinyin and the standard pronunciation is read out in a Karaoke format. Your child can choose to click and listen to the pronunciation paragraph-by-paragraph at any time. Following this standard pronunciation, your child can practice his/her reading and any incorrect pronunciation is corrected promptly. The pronunciation can be evaluated immediately thereby providing a guided training to effective and accurate reading.

* The Read & Self Recital functions are only available on Windows PC and will require the use of a microphone.


Your child can easily reference to the Hanyu Pinyin and pronunciation of individual characters. It promotes easier recognition of the Chinese words.


An animated presentation of the proper writing sequence of each Chinese character is conveniently accessible. It serves as a guide in writing; mastering the standard writing sequences much easier now.


The floating dictionary presents the meaning of each word upon a click. It provides a comprehensive interpretation of the article and detailed usage of the words in context.

Grammar Tips

Mouse over to the words in red to view the grammar tips. A more detailed grammar usage on the selected text is also provided for reference.

Word Games*

The interactive fun word games are available to strengthen the understanding of vocabularies learnt.

* The Word Games are only available on Windows PC.


A full sentence translation is provided to give a fuller contextual meaning which is usually masked when read word-by-word.

* The Bilingual function is only available for Chinese Language for Primary School (Bilingual).

Animated Guides

Watch the pictures come to live with animated cartoons. These animations make learning interesting and help students better understand the meaning of the text.

For any technical enquiries, please contact us at (65) 6465 5285.