Rich Media Functions

iFlashBook digital textbook embodies powerful rich media functions.


1、Original Book Form

  • The original content essence and appearance of books are maintained to provide a familiar content experience.

2、Multimedia Resources - sound, video, multimedia

  • Animated Guided Reading: The interactive clickable words and pictures with lively animated cartoons makes learning interesting and helps students understand the meaning of the characters, sentences and paragraphs accurately.
  • Phonetic Listening and Reading: Each character is enunciated clearly with Hanyu Pinyin and the standard pronunciation is read out in a Karaoke format. The students can click and listen to the pronunciation paragraph-by-paragraph at any time. Following this standard pronunciation, students can practice their reading and any incorrect pronunciation is corrected promptly. The pronunciation can immediately be evaluated thereby giving students a guided training to effective and accurate reading.
  • Animated Stories: Stories are presented in short animated clips with subtitles instead of the static illustrations of paper textbooks resulting in a fun and enjoyable reading experience.
  • Word Games: The interactive fun word games helps to strengthen the understanding and grasping of the vocabulary.
  • Supplementary Recital: Following the variation in the reading intonations of words that are presented in the supplementary recitals, the student will be able to pick up quickly on the nuances of the language.
  • Word Dictation: All the key words presented in each book are further referenced in a format to provide a quick reference for listening, reading and dictation to further enhance the understanding of the words.

3、Knowledge Bank Integration – contextual modules and reference support

  • Animated Strokes: A conveniently accessible pop-up with animated presentation of the proper writing sequence of each Chinese character, makes mastering the writing strokes of Chinese character easier.
  • Word Reading: Each character's Hanyu Pinyin and pronunciation is easily reference anytime during reading to promote easier recognition of the words.
  • Floating Dictionary: The meaning of each word within the phrase or paragraph is easily referenced with a click of a mouse over the word to provide a comprehensive interpretation of the article and detailed usage of the words in context.
  • Grammar Tips: Point the cursor to the text containing the word to show the grammar tips. More detailed grammar usages on the selected text are provided for reference.
  • Full Sentence Translation: The full sentence translation is provided to give a fuller contextual meaning which are usually masked when read word-by-word.