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Content for Information Purposes Only

Authority Website offers content for information purposes only. It is, therefore, an individual’s responsibility to confirm whether the content is appropriate for their situations. Take note that some investment packages, such as; mutual funds and similar securities, presented in the site, are exploratory and may involve some risk levels. Do not let the past performances determine your measures of anticipated returns and value of investments.

No Legal Action on The Website

Whether an authorized or unauthorized user, whenever you agree to visit this website and view its contents, you accept to, later on, handle any possible legal action in any jurisdiction, in the case of a loss, damage, or harm; whichever, caused as a result of accessing the website.

Investors to Do Their Own Research

Possible investors must know that investments may present with a lot of risks and uncertainties. The value of those investments may fluctuate. The investment costs of instruments and options will fall and sometimes rise in their values. It then becomes impossible to measure the liquidity of the products’ positions in the market, which may incur losses. Therefore, there’s a lack of guarantee on the trading performance. In this case, the past or anticipated results may not offer guidance for future results. Furthermore, fluctuations in the exchange rates of currencies may influence the worth of an investment, either positively or negatively.

Different Investment Product Available

On this site, the investment products utilize varied strategies for outlays, focusing on different derivatives. The information contained on the website does not involve any legal or taxation suggestions or advice to buy or sell particular investments. Therefore, you should neither depend on any of the content nor make your final investment decisions based on the details presented. However, you must obtain appropriate and detailed expert advice. Before signing any investment agreement, you should also read and understand all the terms and conditions presented in the specific booklets.

Rules and Regulations of Website

Any of the directors, associates, officers, agents, employees, or representatives of the Authority Website may contain a holding/interest, involvement, or any other deal with the investment products. Be careful and stay informed that our rules and regulations, which relate to financial services and investor protection, do not apply to the interfaces carried out via the internet and other media. Take note that any deal between you and any of the Authority Website’s body, will not be safeguarded by the rules and regulations meant for investment protection.

Importantly, Authority Website may revise, modify, or update the content on the site, which happens without any notice. It would help if you only considered the information up-to-date, as stated on the website, rather than based on your date of access to the information.